Strengthening of the penitentiary system and the probation service



Macedonia: closed

Start: 31-08-2018

End: 31-05-2021

Project description

The projects is offering support in two key areas:

  • Development of proposals for improving the institutional and administrative capacities of the penitentiary system, with a focus on improving the management and operation of prisons, in order to guarantee unlimited respect for human rights with regard to the treatment of prisoners;
  • Development of a probation system for carrying out probation measures and alternative sanctions, as well as improving the cooperation between all the relevant organisations and institutions in this area.

In close cooperation with the department for implementing punitive measures at the North Macedonian Ministry of Justice, over the next few months the relevant legislation will be analysed, suggestions for improvements will be put forward and sustainable training measures for improving the management and monitoring capacities of prisons and the probation service will be developed. In addition, a variety of workshops, seminars and study visits will take place in Germany and the Netherlands to provide information on tried-and-tested practices and recognised principles for probation services.


Project team

Willem van Nieuwkerk

Willem van Nieuwkerk

Project Director

Manon Tiessink

Manon Tiessink

Junior Project Manager

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