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Project description

In 2005, the leading Malian human rights NGO Deme So approached CILC to work together with it on preparing a national paralegal training program. Starting in February, the program was set up over the course of 2006. The national curriculum was defined and adopted in March by public institutions and civil society organisations, including ministries, the Institut National de Formation Judiciaire du Mali (INFJ), and governors and prefects. Unprecedented progress was made in just one year. The national and regional coordination was installed and operational training manual and quality procedures were developed. A large number of NGOs committed themselves to aligning their paralegal training activities with the new national standards. CILC key experts Servaas Feiertag and Badié Hima cooperated closely with the national coordinator Ibrahima Koreissi and the other members of the transitional national board, and attribute the TMF-funded project’s successful results to a participative approach and the personal commitment of the national board members.


Details about the national program are available on its website


Project team

Servaas Feiertag

Servaas Feiertag


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