Roundtable Meeting on Citizens’ Legal Needs in Russia


This week CILC will visits Moscow to attend a round-table meeting on the assessment of citizens’ legal needs. This visit is part of the new Matra project on implementing a professional civil legal aid system in Russia, aimed at ensuring effective access to justice for the Russian population and, more generally, the strengthening of the rule of law.

At the round-table discussion CILC expert Martin Gramatikov presents  and discusses Dutch and international experiences in measuring access to justice and the social effectiveness of legal aid. Thereafter, representatives of the Russian implementing partner, the Public Interest Law Institute (PILI), will look at opportunities for staging similar measuring efforts in Russia, and present the preliminary results of a pilot research programme into citizens’ legal needs in two Russian regions.

All key stakeholders in the project, the federal and several regional bar associations, the Ministry of Justice and NGOs in the legal sphere are taking part in the round-table discussion.

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