The migration issue in the EU countries: some figures analysed



The Journal Vreemdelingenrecht published an article in which the statistics show that in 2017 Germany registered the highest number of asylum applications, followed by Italy and France. In practice the authors conclude that the legal rules from the Dublin regulation are not working because Germany and France are often not the first Member States were asylum seekers enter the European Union. To manage in a better way the still high influx of migrants to the European Union Aniel and Antonio have formulated three solutions for the future in which new legislation has to be created by the EU legislator.  The first option is to make similar agreements with some safe North African countries and the EU Member States suchs as the Turkey deal. The second solution is to establish immigrant-processing centres outside the EU for the first time, in a radical policy change aimed at stemming the movement of hundreds of thousands of people across the Mediterranean. The third option is to arrange more readmission agreements between the EU and third countries regarding the return of irregular migrants from the EU to these countries of origin.

Please see here for the article.

Aniel Pahladsingh is a legal officer at the Dutch Council of State and deputy judge at the district court of Rotterdam.

Antonio Scalera is a judge at the Civil Court of Appeal of Catanzaro (Italy).

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