The Netherlands // Junior lawyers study visit

On November 19, CILC hosted a group of junior German lawyers from the District Court of Aachen. Their visit to the Netherlands, which forms a crucial part of their judicial program, served the purpose of a student trip combing getting to know another country and fun.

The group was given an overview of CILC’s history and function, with particular focus on past and ongoing projects in Indonesia, Suriname, Ukraine and the Western Balkans. “The group was also curious about CILC’s internal work processes regarding project and expert selection”. One lawyer inquired about CILC’s approach in balancing competition and cooperation with other international partner organisations. To that end, Mr. van Nieuwkerk answered: “We have the same goal, CILC believes in making use of each other and working together”. He further continued: “We do not give the articles of law or answers, we give countries advice on how to involve the people in the process, the process is for us more important; to give people the tools to write their own laws”.
The visit concluded with a typical Dutch borrel on the 4th floor with other members of the CILC team.




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