The Netherlands // Training members of the Libyan High Judicial Institute


In early July 2019, CILC welcomed a delegation from the Libyan High Judicial Institute (HJI) to be part of a ‘train the trainers’ program. The 13 participants – a mix of judges and prosecutors currently teaching at the HJI – received interactive lectures and sessions over the span of 1 week on curricula development and teaching methods, as well as knowledge sharing on human trafficking, cybercrime and criminal law from a Dutch perspective. The exchange of information and experiences generated fruitful conversations and a sense of partnership between the Libyan and Dutch colleagues; particularly given in the transborder nature of the topics being addressed. The program also included a visit to the Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) on human smuggling at the Ministry of Defence in which insight was given into the Netherlands’ approach to tackling human smuggling.

By ‘training the trainers’ the HJI hopes to increase the interaction with existing and incoming students, acquire more knowledge on specific topics and further enhance their curricula. The development of the Libyan judicial system will be directly impacted by this project, as the education provided by the HJI is the gateway to working in the justice sector in Libya. A follow-up training is intended to take place this coming November in Tunis, Tunisia.

The project ‘Strengthen the institutional capacity of the High Judicial Institute (HJI) of Libya’ is implemented by CILC, in coordination with the Ministry of Justice of Libya, and co-funded by the Dutch and Libyan governments and the EU Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EUBAM).

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