Indonesia // Training on legislation for Ministry of Finance staff


Last Monday, November 4th, CILC’s Director Willem van Nieuwkerk kicked off the the training on legislation for twenty legislative lawyers and other officials, working at the Legal Bureau and various other departments of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia and who are entrusted with drafting and assessing bills and draft regulations in the area of their Ministry.

The training mainly consists of a three-week course in the Netherlands and is financed by Nuffic-Neso under its Tailor-Made Training Program.
During the training course, the participants are introduced to all aspects of the legislative process in a comprehensive way. There is a special focus on the legislative activity of the Dutch Ministry of Finance and on the assessment of new and the evaluation of existing legislation. Furthermore, they receive training in applying some tools and resources, which are used by legislative lawyers in the Netherlands.

The course is now a week under way, and, as their course leader, I can only say that this is a group of talented young professionals who like to exchange views and experiences, and who like to hold vivid discussions. I am looking forward to the coming two weeks.

In order to link the new knowledge and skills to the Indonesian context a short follow-up training is organised in Indonesia in 2014. A framework for assessing new and reviewing existing legislation will be developed.

, Independent legal adviser

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