Tunisia // 2018 Shiraka training on legislation completed

The first part of the 2018 Shiraka Training Programme on Legislation took place in The Hague in July 2018 and the second part in Tunis from 26 to 28 November 2018. The 25 participants from twelve Arab countries, returned home with hands-on experience using the Integrated Assessment Framework (IAK). This Dutch legislative tool provides structure for civil servants to formulate sound policy and legislation.

To ensure the practical use of the IAK tool, the participants were asked prior to the training to share relevant cases they are currently working on. Based on these cases, participants were challenged to answer the seven questions from the IAK tool by using an array of different working methods. Divided in subgroups, the participants dealt with real-life cases like public transport and sustainable development in Arab countries. Should you make laws or regulations to approach the issue? Or what else instead could work too? Participants were challenged to find the perfect answer. Trainers Jacomien Zevenbergen, from the Ministry of Justice and Security, Yuen Yen Tsai and Akram Daoud (both CILC) stressed the importance of the process and how to find possible answers.

The participants were also given the opportunity to discuss with Tunisian law professor Noureddine Naifair, Dean of ISSHT, University of Tunis El Manar. Professor Naifar also gave a lecture on lawmaking in Tunisia. The group visited the Tunisian parliament where they had a vivid exchange with members of the Parliamentary Legislative Committee which was also broadcasted on the internet.

The training was much appreciated by the participants and many expressed interest to work with the IAK tool in the future. Feeling connected and knowing reaching out to the colleagues in neighbouring countries is now just one call away.

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