Uganda // Training for JLOS staff

In January 2020, CILC and the Law Development Center (LDC) started a Nuffic project to support the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) in Uganda by organising a series of trainings for senior and middle managers of JLOS institutions.
In a timespan of two and a half years, we have trained:
– 19 change agents
– 10 senior managers
– 21 M&E staff of JLOS institutions
– 10 staff of JLOS secretariat
The trainings were timed well as JLOS is undergoing a transition from sector based programme to access to justice sub programmes. This transition promises quite some changes in the structure and management of the justice institutions in Uganda. The training of the senior and middle management staff was considered crucial to prepare JLOS towards this transition.

The outbreak of Covid 19 slowed down the implementation of the project and forced us to explore online working approaches. The transformation of the training activities into an online approach was a new and challenging process.

Together with LDC and the JLOS secretariat we developed seven modules and delivered thirty trainings online targeting change agents and senior managing staff of JLOS institutions from.

Training of M&E staff & JLOS Secretariat
Following the training of change agents and senior management, in February and March 2022 the third target group was trained. This time we had twenty-one planning and policy officers of JLOS institutions such as the Human Rights Commission, Uganda National Police, Uganda Prison Service, Directorate of Public Prosecution and LDC. These officers are responsible for the development of institutional plans, budgets and reports. The training was delivered in person after two years of working online. This made it easier for trainees to learn and work in groups on assignments such as development of framework for reporting, dissemination strategy and conduct problem analysis. Also, trainees practiced new skills on communication, leadership, and dealing with change and transition.

M&E staff training February and March 2022

Training of LDC staff
CILC and LDC have a long standing partnership in Uganda. Having LDC as training partner was both a natural and a strategic choice, as with LDC our work will be continued after the project has ended by delivering trainings as part of the Bar Course or other short courses that the LDC offers. In our project twenty LDC trainers were trained so that they can deliver the modules by themselves in the future.

Hybrid training for LDC teaching staff November 2021

Final seminar
To wrap up the project activities, the final seminar including a closing ceremony took place on 21st March 2022.
It was a nice moment of reflection on the outcomes of the trainings and to hear stories on what the project had meant to individual participants, institutions, and the sector as a whole. Three trainees shared their experience of the training which has transformed their management and leadership styles and gave them new insights on planning and budgeting, monitoring and evaluation and report writing. All mentioned that they appreciate more guidance on developing policies that are gender and equity responsive. Above all, participants seem very committed to become agents of change in their institutions. It was also a joyful moment for participants who completed the training to receive a certificate.
The closing ceremony was attended by the Netherlands Embassy in Uganda, the LDC, JLOS Secretariat, institutional partners and participants from all training target groups.

Closing session March 2022

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