WBPN // Cooperation agreement signed between EUROJUST and Montenegro


Our work in the IPA2014 funded Western Balkan Prosecutors’ Network projects (WBPN-I and WBPN-II) has included providing assistance to beneficiaries in overcoming obstacles to sign Cooperation Agreements with EUROJUST. Such obstacles usually include issues related to data protection (in terms of legislative frameworks, as well as operational practices). In Montenegro we organised as part of WBPN-I seminars on the topic and provided advice and follow-up through an action plan to implement the data protection mechanisms. In WBPN-II we provide similar training and support for Albania, Serbia and most likely also Bosnia-Herzegovina.

For Montenegro, this cooperation has contributed to the outcome of signing the Cooperation Agreement with EUROJUST on 3 May 2016. The Cooperation Agreement between EUROJUST and Montenegro was signed by Minister of Justice of Montenegro, Mr. Zoran Pažin, and the President of EUROJUST, Ms. Michèle Coninsx, at the premises of the European Commission in Brussels. Present at the ceremony was the European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, Ms. Věra Jourová.

The IPA project team is proud that with its assistance the Cooperation Agreement has now been signed and will further assist Montenegro in this now to be intensified cooperation with EUROJUST.

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