Wester Balkans // User-Centric Web Workshop for Enforcement Agents

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In Pristina, CILC’s BESP hosted a dynamic and highly collaborative two-day workshop on June 27-28, 2024. The workshop brought together delegations from the enforcement chambers of Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania, along with representatives from the Ministry of Justice of Kosovo, united in their mission to design and develop a cutting-edge website platform tailored to the needs of their diverse user base.

Led by PR Expert Imants Mozers and Project Manager and Capacity Building Expert Zlatislava Mihailova, the workshop aimed to create websites that would not only meet the functional needs of enforcement agents but also serve the public in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. The focus was firmly placed on user-centric design, ensuring that the platforms would be accessible to creditors, debtors, legal professionals, and the general public, including those without a legal background.

Eagerly diving into brainstorming sessions, the key theme was the importance of looking at these future websites from the perspective of the user, rather than the enforcement agents themselves. This shift in viewpoint was crucial for developing features that would genuinely serve the needs of the public.

Discussions on potential website functionalities highlighted the need for clear explanations of procedures, automatic notifications on news and property sales, easy access to case information, cost calculators, and robust e-auction capabilities. The importance of data protection was also a central topic, with Imants emphasizing the need to comply with GDPR requirements while maintaining transparency.

Innovative approaches such as the user situation-based design, aimed at tailoring the website experience to address specific user needs and scenarios were employed and intended to make the user journey more solution-oriented, providing clear, actionable information based on individual circumstances.

To ground their ideas in real-world scenarios, participants developed hypothetical case studies, fed prompts to AI and generated content what was discussed.
The workshop successfully laid the groundwork for developing comprehensive, user-friendly websites for enforcement agents in the Western Balkans. These platforms promise to enhance transparency, improve access to information, and provide valuable resources to all stakeholders involved in the enforcement process.



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