Western Balkans // Enhancing travel security systems

API and PNR are abbreviations that matter for border control and security officers. They help these professionals to pre-identify travelers and recognise patterns, allowing them to help protect national security and contribute to economic prosperity.

API data is information about passengers collected by air carriers during check-in process, while PNR is information provided by passengers and collected by air carriers for enabling reservations and carrying out the check-in process. A PNR is created when a person books a flight and contains at least the information required for an air carrier to complete a booking and which are collected in the normal course of their business. These data are processed by a PIU accordingly with Directive 2016/681/EU, also known as the PNR Directive, in order to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute persons in relation to acts of terrorism and serious crime.

On 24 and 25 January 2023, a third meeting of the Western Balkans Regional Initiative on API and PNR took place in Bucharest, Romania. These series of meetings aim to present the latest knowledge and skills on these travel information security systems to border control professionals of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia. By organising these meetings, the EU funded IPA2019 project facilitates operationalising API/PNR systems in these countries, supporting the authorities in their efforts to improve border security.

A side visit to the Romanian Passenger Information Unit (PIU) allowed the participants to get a better understanding about the day-to-day work of their Romanian colleagues on API and PNR. IPA2019 and CILC are grateful to the Romanian colleagues for hosting this informative visit. As implementing partner of the IPA2019 project CILC is proud to work with professionals like these.

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