Western Balkans // IPA2019 facilitates IATA training

CSCWB IPA2019 facilitates IATA training for Passenger Information Units of the Western Balkans

In the framework of the project ‘Countering Serious Crime in the Western Balkans’ IPA2019, a four-day training ‘Passenger Data Exchange Programs’ conducted by IATA took place in Tirana between 13 and 16 February. During the training the participants, representatives from the so-called Passenger Information Units (PIU) from Albania*, Kosovo and North Macedonia, as well as members of the inter-agency working group on API and PNR in Bosnia and Herzegovina were trained in issues like definitions and basics of passenger data, regulatory framework, batch API, interactive API, PNR, the future of passenger data exchange. As part of the training the participants had to prepare group presentations and do an online examination at the end of the course.

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