Population: 4,2 million
GDP per capita: $ 2.530 (2012)
source: World Bank

Overall Rule of Law score: no data
Global rank: no data
Regional rank: no data

Local time:

Current situation

The Occupied Palestinian Territories comprise the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, with de facto government by the Palestinian National Authority over the West Bank. The Palestinian Authority has been successful in building public institutions, which have achieved a level above the threshold for a functioning state in key sectors such as revenue and expenditure management, economic development, service delivery and security and justice. Planning and governance systems are in place. The West Bank has become a safer place under the rule of law, primarily thanks to security and judiciary trainings and reforms.

The EU has been working with the Palestinian Authority to build up the institutions of a future democratic, independent and viable Palestinian State living side by side with Israel and its neighbours. The European Commission is the biggest donor of financial assistance to the Palestinians.

CILC in Palestine

CILC has been active in the occupied Palestinian territories since 2008 and is providing support to the Palestinian justice sector institutions in key areas such as judiciary reform, law enforcement and prosecution, as well as good governance.

Projects & news: Palestine

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