Moldova // Office of the Liaison Prosecutor of Moldova at EUROJUST

With the financial support of the EU and Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded project “Vetting and Justice Reform in the Republic of Moldova” CILC is assisting the Moldovan Prosecution Service to deploy a Moldovan Liaison Prosecutor to EUROJUST. This connection to EUROJUST is an important element for the Government and the Prosecution Service of the Republic of Moldova in the accession process towards the European Union. This was not only stressed by the visit of H.E. President Maja Sandu to EUROJUST in September 2023, but also by the fact that Prosecutor-General a.i. Ion Munteanu personally attended the opening of the Office of the Moldovan Liaison Prosecutor on 24 October 2023.

In fact, Prosecutor-General a.i. Munteanu, together with EUROJUST President Hamran, Moldovan Ambassador Dobinda and recently appointed Liaison Prosecutor Ivanov, jointly cut the ribbon to open the Moldovan office. Moldova has a Cooperation Agreement in place with EUROJUST since 2014, but has never appointed a Liaison Prosecutor until recently.

Since 2014, 114 investigations were conducted with the support of EUROJUST. As EUROJUST President Hamran indicated, it is good that now the cooperation can be lifted to an even higher stage. According to Prosecutor-General Munteanu it became crucial to have a Liaison Prosecutor at EUROJUST as a lot of new challenges occurred in the joint fight against organized crime, not in the least place as result of the geographical position of Moldova between the European Union and war torn Ukraine.


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